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To request photography and filming at our museum, please download and complete the application form and submit it by email.
You will be contacted after receiving the application form.

Steps to photography/filming

1. Application
Please complete the application form below.
2. Reply/Fixing the Date
Our PR representative will inform you of the result. If the application is successful, the date and other details will be discussed and fixed.
3. Photography/Filming
Please ensure that the photography/filming session does not disturb other visitors.
Also, please be sure to follow the instructions of our staff throughout the session.
4. After Photography/Filming
Please ensure the following, and provide the museum with one copy of the resulting publication.
The Fuji Motorsports Museum must be visibly credited. Depending on the content, we may ask to check the manuscript before release.

This address can only be used for sending your requests (for information, photography, filming, etc.) to the museum.
No other messages (including sales/solicitations and offers of paid advertising) will be replied to.

Provision of imagery

We provide image data for those who wish to see images of the museum.
Use of images is permitted only for the following purposes.

Purposes of use that can be provided
  • Use in newspapers, magazines, TV programs, websites, etc. that lead to publicity and promotion of the museum
  • Use as reference illustrations for books, textbooks, company journals, company histories, etc.

Use for sales promotions, sales activities, and commercialization that does not apply to the above is not permitted.

Pictures available
  • Photos of facilities inside and outside the building
  • Photos of exhibition scenery in the museum (permanent exhibition)
  • Photos for promotional purposes such as special exhibitions and events (exhibition vehicles, exhibition scenery, etc.)
Terms of use
  • Please indicate that the image provider is "Fuji Motor Sports Museum".
  • Please refrain from using it for purposes other than the “purpose of use that can be provided”.
  • Please contact us again if you want to use for the second time.
  • Please donate one copy of the publication.
How to use Please use the image download service. (If you agree to the terms of use, you do not need to apply.)

Image download service

Entrance (front)
Exhibition Room
Entrance (side)