Presenting the exciting history of how motorsports have developed and driven the evolution of the automobile

 We've opened the “Fuji Motorsports Museum” adjacent to the Fuji Speedway. It is perhaps the world's first attempt at a motorsports museum to have a permanent exhibition through cooperation with 10 domestic and overseas automobile manufacturers.

 Motorsports began at the end of the 19th century in French automobile races, where vehicles with different power sources such as steam, electric, and gasoline competed to prove technological superiority. Since then, motorsports have brought about era-defining dreams and aspirations by seeking the ultimate in car performance and durability. At the same time, the technology created was reflected in the development of mass-produced vehicles, contributing to the evolution of mobility.

 This museum explores the history of motorsports from the perspective of the role that they played in “car making.” We're introducing a history that spans 130 years of racing, including roughly 40 exhibits systematically presented. Exhibits include legendary vehicles that have taken part in the highest level of racing, as well as cars that have been unveiled in Japan for the very first time. Furthermore, we delve into the minds of car brand founders to learn more about the development of motorsports vehicles. The mission of this museum is to convey to visitors the appeal and significance of motorsports as a place to develop and improve cars, which genuinely encompasses the excitement of racing.

 Together with the Fuji Speedway Hotel, we would like to play a role in the Fuji Motorsports Forest, while broadening the base of motorsports fans, adding to the development of motorsports culture, and contributing to the local community as a museum familiar to all.