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If you wish to make a group reservation, please follow the flow below.
Upon confirmation, you will be contacted by Fuji Motorsports Museum.

Basic flow from application for the tour to the day of your visit

1. Application for the tour
Please fill in the required information at the "application form" below.
You can start making group reservations 6 months in advance.
Please send us an email at least two weeks before the desired date of your visit.
2. The tour availability for your requested date
We will let you know the availability of the guided tour for the requested date and time by e-mail.
(In case the requested date and time is not available, we may have to request you for the change)
3. 10 days prior to your visit
Please fix the number of visitors 10 days prior to the day of your visit, and pay the admission fee in advance based on the numbers.
Please contact us of any changes by e-mail at least 10 days prior to the date of use.
4. On the day of your visit
Please contact us if you need to reschedule the time of your visit.


  • ・Applications cannot be submitted by phone or fax.
  • ・Please allow plenty of time for applications.
  • ・Your application may not be accepted when submitted in a last minute.
  • ・Please fill out the application form according to the number of visitors (there are differences in admission fees and payment methods).
  • ・If your group has less than 19 members when payment is confirmed, the group discount will NOT be applied.
  • ・Guided tours are generally limited up to 19 people (held every hour). If there are 20 people or more, the tour must be divided into several groups.
    However, the tour for 20 people or more may be possible depending on the situation. Please contact us for details.
  • ・Please let us know in advance if you will be late due to traffic congestion or other reasons on the day of your visit.
    (In principle, we can accept visitors during business hours in such situation).
    We may ask you to adjust your arrival time if the museum is filled to capacity.

*If a typhoon or other disaster prevents the tour on the scheduled date, the tour can be rescheduled.

Application Form

Click here to make a reservation